About Patti Bullard

Patti Bullard

Patti Bullard, Inventor of Wubbers® Pliers and instructor of Metalworking 101

Patti Bullard is a jewelry instructor, the inventor of Wubbers® pliers, and a lifelong artist.

Patti has taught wire working and metal-smithing across the United States since 2004, and loves sharing her enthusiasm and techniques with others. Patti’s experience in many forms of jewelry creation has given her a unique insight into the best tools and creation methods, and she enjoys teaching others how to craft unique jewelry pieces.

Patti’s Wubbers® pliers, “made to make jewelry”, are the first line of jewelry pliers that are specifically made for jewelry artists, and each pair is hand-finished so the jaws are silky-smooth and reduce marring on your pieces.

Invite Patti to your home studio for a 1-on-1 soldering lesson with her Metalworking 101 series. You’ll get the confidence, knowledge, and Patti’s handy shortcuts that will let you set up your own soldering station and make your own perfect jewelry.

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