Discover Soldering and Metalwork with Patti Bullard – in your Home Studio!

New Soldering DVDs with Patti Bullard

Use the same techniques Patti uses for Perfect Soldering

Patti’s shared all her beginner Metalworking secrets on this DVD set, from what specific pliers she uses to the solder to her patina and finishing tricks.

She’s got some unconventional tricks, like a weird little use for a stamping set, and how to get that groove at the end of an earring post, that you’ll be telling all your friends about her techniques.

Don’t be left out!

It seems like everybody’s talking about Metalworking and Soldering these days. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn to solder silver and copper from the best. Patti will give you the confidence and the contagious excitement that will have you raring to start your first soldering project!

Watch Patti’s Metalworking 101 Trailer:

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